With a whirlpool of technology advancements circling enterprises today, adopting the right set of business practices is crucial to achieving optimal performance & profitability. With a sharp eye for technology and business, Imaginea helps enterprises of different sizes to opt for the best.

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How will you innovate in your business? At Imaginea we answer this question everyday for our clients – and then we help them do it. Leveraging the power of today’s disrupting technologies – API, hybrid mobility, software-centric Infrastructure, and big data – we help customers innovate to capture opportunity in a changing market.

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By 2017, 50% of B2B collaboration will take place through Web APIs - Tech Target
By 2016, 52% of IT assets would be in the cloud- IDG Cloud survery, 2016
27% of enterprises use Docker now. This is a 50% increase from 2015.- NetworkWorld
75% of Fortune 1000 firms will offer public Web APIs by end of 2016- Gartner