Our Incubation Zone

Ideas emerge from the market and our customer experiences. They often sprout at the intersection of technologies where we spot unmet needs, beyond the scope of solutions on offer. We provide a product culture that other service players merely claim.

Infrastructure Puzzle

A network topology and visualisation tool, that facilitates the DevOps ideology. Has key and workflow management features. It allows to group, tag and work with all instances of your cloud infrastructure. Deployment automation support, that allows to define, schedule and execute workflows.


Open Source
Contextual Code Search

A contextual code search engine indexing over 1 Billion lines of open source code from approximately 5,50,000 GitHub project repositories. Currently supporting Java, it is based on our belief that the codes real people write have predictable statistical properties that can be captured and utilized.

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The Instagram
for Typophiles

With a user base of over twenty thousand, Fontli is our dedication for the love of typography. It gives a simple way to capture and share beautiful photos of type. Facilitates access to typographers, designers, illustrators and other typoholics around the world. Available across iOS, Android and Windows.

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Contributions to open source projects

 Ported to Openstack

Contributed over 20 patches

Ecosystem work

Top 20 committers

Upgrade to UI automator 2.0

Animation Libraries

Open source tools portfolio

A JavaScript (D3) based charting tool with a library of representations. Built using d3.js it is simple yet powerful


A MySQL query analysis tool that eliminates discrepancies while executing large datasets.


A simple trace utility to reverse engineer js code flows. Coded as a Firebug extension.


Web-based Administration and Management Tool for MongoDB. An alternative to the MongoDB native shell.


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