Black book survey


Based on the aggregate client experience and customer satisfaction scores on eighteen key performance indicators tuned to physician practice integration of documentation, operations and revenue cycle management the top-ranked electronic health records and billing software for 2016 was announced..

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Predictive Analytics for Better Scheduling in Hospitals

January 2017

Today we have predictive models & algorithms available that can accurately schedule not just for next shift, but for the next few months. Hospitals can leverage this emerging technology to achieve patient-centric scheduling & better staff utilization…

Better scheduling through use of mathematics

April 2016

The number of people seeking healthcare services is expected to swell as the population ages. The number of doctor visits could increase as much as 80% over the next 10 to 15 years. But at the same time, growth in the nursing and physician workforce is unlikely to keep pace…

Big data, analytics expected to be $187 billion market in 2019

May 2016

Over five years, the big data market is expected grow at about a 50 percent clip, said IDC. Services will represent more than half of all big data and analytics revenue with software representing the second largest category. Big data and analytics software will be a $55 billion market in 2019…

Big banks to move 30% of workloads to public cloud within three years

June 2016

As if it weren’t enough that public cloud is completely crushing private cloud (a fancy name for “your datacenter”) in terms of growth and revenue, even the public cloud laggards are now climbing aboard. Banks have been slow to embrace public cloud, but that is changing…

Changing the way people search with Apache Spark

December 2016

Like humans, search engines will have an evolutionary brain that understands search behavior to learn from it. Search engines are fast becoming personal assistant by enabling meaningful contextual conversation …

How mobile today is like TV six decades ago

June 2016

This year, mobile media accounts for the exact same share, nearly 20 percent of total U.S. media spending. So, in a very real way, mobile is today where television was exactly six decades ago. In a sentence, digital is eating legacy media, mobile is eating digital…

Programmatic appreciated for reduction of media wastage

June 2016

While consumers are eager to benefit from their relationships with brands, they are increasingly conscious that their personal data represents a value to the brands: Over half of those surveyed would like to be rewarded for sharing their personal data with brands…

9 tech giants embracing the open source revolution

June 2016

Open source software at one time was considered a fringe movement by some enterprise users and many tech vendors. Some leaders believed that open source software posed a subversive threat to industry and everything sacred. Fifteen years later, the world looks a lot different…