Are you ready to bring your employees back to work?

Vishnu Chundi

“Leadership involves the heavy burden of responsibility, and the fear of getting it wrong can paralyze a leader” – John C. Maxwell

Digital to the rescue

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be the BIGGEST global disrupter since World War II. It has affected each and every aspect of our lives; right from social interaction, family life, public health, economic growth, and last but not the least, how we work. While social distancing has been the biggest weapon in our fight against this virus, the economy, and people’s livelihood, demands that we get our workers back to work. This is the challenge business leaders are grappling with – a gut and conscience-wrenching conundrum – trying to make tough decisions on employee health, their financial well-being, and business priorities.

In my view, the approach to fighting this dreadful virus is two-pronged. One is to let healthcare providers, pharmaceutical researchers, and biotech experts find tests, cures, and potential vaccines to help with the medico-biological impact. The other is to leverage digital tools like data, analytics, and technology to assist leaders make informed decisions about their corporations and their plan of attack in dealing with the socio-economic and political realities of these trying times.

Employees and customers before anything else

Worldwide, the safety of employees and customers is and shall remain a top priority. With this as a guiding light, organizations strive to answer questions around when and how to bring their employees back to work, preparedness of facilities, creating safety measures, identifying business critical resources, planning for post-transition norms, and so on.

As the response and comeback strategies are evolving, the ability to leverage data effectively plays a significant role in taking informed decisions. For instance, any pre-existing medical condition of an employee would place him / her in the high risk category. Similarly, data around travel history, proximity to affected patients, community exposure, age, and gender play an important role in determining the risk category of an employee.

Given the speed at which this crisis is evolving, most organizations find themselves in a peculiar scenario. They need to respond and make important decisions, without much of an insight into the organization-wide risk exposure. It has become guess work, and in some cases, boils down to a gut feeling.

Digital Covid Prevention & Mitigation Framework

Imaginea’s solution is to build a Digital Covid Prevention & Mitigation Framework. Our framework combines a customizable survey with data connectors that automatically pull employee specific information from enterprise systems & public data sources. We then overlay these data points into an Imaginea data model to give corporations an enterprise dashboard and analytical tools to take informed decisions. Imaginea’s data model analyzes this information to determine an employee’s COVID-19 risk score (akin to a credit score!), mitigate potential outbreaks by contact-tracing of afflicted personnel, and most importantly, provides a single view of the organization’s COVID-19 risk exposure.

Given the changing face of the crisis every single day, we tried to keep the framework loosely coupled, with flexibility to pivot on the basis of new research insights from global health agencies. The framework comes with a digital screening dashboard that allows employees to enter basic information, and the Rules Engine suggests the next course of preventive action for the employee.

To sum it up, the framework does four things:

  1. Provide a single view of an organization’s COVID-19 status
  2. Assesses risk by using a scoring model to categorize employees into different risk bands
  3. Contact Trace and help to mitigate future breakouts within the workplace
  4. Detailed reporting and analytics

Available on demand

Keeping in mind the current scale of the emergency and to assist leaders fight this global menace, we have designed this framework to be implemented quickly. To receive more information, please send an email to or just send me a LinkedIn message.

On the ground and in the digital space, our combined efforts can yield positive outcomes; slowly, but surely.

Originally published in LinkedIn.


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