Automated document​ indexing in insurance ​


Given the number of tasks that can be automated in large enterprises, RPA is gaining exponential popularity.

According to a highly publicized urban legend, an average office worker maintains 20,000 pieces of paper annually. It also says that nearly 75% of time spent working with paper-based information is wasted in searching and filing. Pricewaterhouse Coopers says that an average company spends $20 in labor to file a document, $120 in labor to find a misfiled document and $220 to reproduce a lost document. Now, despite the authenticity of these stats, maintaining paper trails in today’s digital world is certainly expensive and time-consuming.

A few cases where document processing automation could be implemented in any industry are Document Indexing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Customer Support, Quote Generation and Claims Processing.

This episode of the webinar series throws light on one such RPA use case, with a specific example on document indexing in the insurance industry.


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