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You’re watching your competition evolve and innovate, but you’re stuck thinking about it. There’s a business opportunity hidden in the buzzwords: hybrid apps, APIs, cloud, big data. How can you capitalize on it?

Threat & Opportunity

Which technologies will develop into new opportunities for your business? How can you move fast, choose wisely, and meet customer needs? Imaginea can help.

Our expertise in disruptive technologies will guide you down the right path. Want to connect better with your customers? Let us talk to you about how we’ve harnessed social networks to generate real-world ROI for our customers. Need to extract knowledge from your digital storehouse of numbers? We’ve created dashboards with the newest technology and we can do it for you, too.

Thinking about the cloud? Imaginea can help.

An Imaginea Engagement

A major financial services provider’s CIO set a goal to migrate their desktop applications to the cloud. The team came to us for help selecting a platform that met their current public cloud requirements, but needed to plan ahead for future private cloud deployments for major customers. We identified AWS as the best fit, implemented it, and provided a migration program for their desktop apps.

Often IT departments instinctively lean towards technology choices driven by their own experience and comfort. Sometimes these don’t turn out to be the best fit and result in applications with functional gaps and scalability challenges.

With our experience across multiple technologies, Imaginea was able to offer our customer an unbiased assessment of available platforms and present the best choice for their business needs—in this case, Amazon Web Services (AWS)—keeping in mind their future plans. Rather than abandoning them with a Powerpoint deck, we implemented the solution and worked closely with their internal team to ensure a smooth migration and hand-off.


The Imaginea Difference

Our EPS practice area is focused on key disruptive technologies in API management, software infrastructure, hybrid mobility, and big data; that are creating threats and opportunities in today’s marketplace. Our service and product portfolios include multiple implementations and long-standing development partnerships with key vendors like Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud and Intuit QuickBase.

We engage early with development communities. We’re hands-on in the marketplace. We develop expertise in big-data technologies like Hadoop; we build companies like SocialTwist. This gives us early visibility into trends, approaches, and solutions. We practice, then preach.

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