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Prototype and test your solution

Emerging technologies have presented you with a market opportunity, but the gap between idea and product can be unbridgeable. Before you launch into full-scale product development, you need to build momentum for your idea.

Threat & Opportunity

You need proof-points to win the support of critical players like senior management and corporate sponsors. Or even investors and major customers. Powerpoint has run out of gas; what you need now is a credible prototype for your stakeholders. Your working proof-of-concept is your ticket to executive support, customer engagement, and investment.

How will you find the right resources to build this on your day job while managing your business? Expertise in disruptive technologies is scarce and legacy mindsets can inhibit new ideas. Imaginea bridges that gap. Our team is ready and well-versed in today’s disruptive technologies of social, mobile, cloud and big data. We can build your proof-of-concept and the momentum you need to capture that market opportunity before you.

An Imaginea Engagement

A book publishing company was considering opportunities in the emerging eBook market. They asked Imaginea to create a working prototype to help them generate customer feedback and gain investor buy-in. The app was developed in a rapid, iterative process, allowing them to test the concept and gain support for full-scale development.

Go-to-market decisions on a new product or idea can be complicated and political. External agents like investors and customers must be won over. A working 1.0 product gave this company a platform of legitimacy to garner support and funding. Imaginea understands such requirements and constraints. We worked closely with the client team to deliver the functionality they needed, within their time and budget.

The Imaginea Difference

Cloud infrastructure, hybrid mobility, APIĀ and big data are where we focus. Our focus and depth of knowledge enables us to rapidly develop innovative products-no learning curve and no business-as-usual assumptions.

We understand the constraints of a Version 1.0 and how to manage cost, while including the right mix of features you need to prove the viability of your concept.

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