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Identify the threat > assess the opportunity

You are an established player with marque clients. Yet younger companies with newer technologies constantly challenge and nip at your business. They are nimble, they innovate without constraints, and they seek to disrupt.

Threat & Opportunity

New cloud, social, mobile and big data platforms let them disregard the legacy requirements that burden your business and slow your response. Their newer solutions are untested, but dazzle your customers. This is your threat. But within this threat lies your next opportunity.

Imaginea can help you uncover this. Our consulting services have grown out of a deep understanding of actual customer problems – like the ones your clients face – that we have helped resolve with new platforms and solutions. We give you the freedom to explore new options, without disrupting your current investments and existing clients. We bring the knowledge of newer technologies and the solutions they can empower. We can help you think through new market solutions, prototype them for you, and even take them to production. Along the way we can help manage all the appropriate decision points.

An Imaginea Engagement

A major insurance company needed to revamp their branch office reporting tools to give end users the power to run real time, custom reports and end constant requests for customizations from the central IT group. We recommended & implemented a big data solution using new BI tools to generate real-time reports. We maintain the legacy system and are creating a migration path to the new one.

The project requirements called for a scalable technical solution that was independent of proprietary knowledge and additional manpower. Imaginea built the new system which allows them to add new branch offices quickly and easily while their existing branches are using the new flexible reporting program to respond more quickly to changing market conditions. This solution is emblematic of Imaginea’s commitment to transforming business challenges into value-added solutions.

The Imaginea Difference

We are not management consultants or a pure strategic advisory that leaves you with the difficult decisions around implementation. We understand business problems and have the full expertise in crafting the technologies required for their solution. Our experience stems from working with global customers and also from other companies incubated within Pramati (like SocialTwist and Qontext) that serve Global 500 class customers today.

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