COVID 19 digital contact tracing


Leverage data and technology to respond to the crisis
with the speed at which it is evolving

Imaginea digital framework connects all the available data touchpoints from internal and external sources to identify and analyze employee data. Our data model overlays these data points to analyze and assess the employees’ Covid-19 risk exposure based on various risk factors published by global agencies.


Automate contact-tracing with connection timelines

Contact-tracing is considered as the most important step in the test-trace-isolate strategy in mitigating the spread of the disease. With our solution, getting a unified view of the contacts is automated. The visual representation shows the sociogram of an employee, which makes it easy to identify the overall network of the contact through location and timeline details. Based on the employee travel history, it can even show the location hotspots.

A single view of enterprise-wide Covid-19 status to plan for triage, doldrums and recovery

The rich and intuitive dashboard offers a comprehensive view of employee’s and organization’s risk exposure to Covid-19. With data overview and visualizations, location-specific insights and support queries, organizations can have a better grasp of the current situation at one glance. This can help them take well-informed and sure-footed decisions to negotiate the pandemic at work.

Customizable employee digital screening

Use customizable surveys to capture self-declared information from your employees like existing medical conditions, travel history and other risk-screening factors. The questionnaire can be customized to capture different details for different regions, department, function, line of business and more. This survey data is then combined with enterprise and contact tracing data to derive deeper insights and assign risk scores.

Dynamic risk assessment and scoring

To improve the accuracy in a volatile situation, our risk prediction models are continuously updated as and when new risk factors are announced. These dynamic data models analyze the employee data from surveys, internal enterprise systems and public data sources, and helps in assigning risk scores. The scoring system can help organizations identify enterprise risk, and initiate preventive and corrective measures.

Built-in data connectors for enterprise integrations

With Imaginea’s digital framework, the Covid-19 employee protection and mitigation solution can be quickly integrated in your enterprise ecosystem as a native mobile and web application. It comes with built-in data connectors to gather data from regular internal systems such as HRMS, authentication systems, directories and external data sources.


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