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2nd May, 2018  

7 Reasons Your Website/Product Needs a UX Evaluation Now

By Balraj Kaur


A design that is aligned with your users’ needs will ensure the success of a website/product that’s seamless & enjoyable. UX experts evaluate the ease of use of the product & improvise perception of the brand.

Since the moment it all begins, the goal is to make the interface as user-friendly as possible. The aim is to make users ‘like’ what they see. They are like a pivot around which everything revolves. And everyone from every direction (from the Designers who are reasoning hard to create meaningful intuitive interactions to the Developers who are decoding those complex algorithms behind the interface) is driving hard to make the transitions as smooth as they possibly can; ‘seamless’ if I am more precise.

But, what if, even this doesn’t guarantee of anything? What if, risks still run high of customer drop-off rates? What if, that high on aesthetic appeal application doesn’t appeal to the users much?

Twisting is not fixing

Baffled by under performance of the newly launched product, you helplessly ask for opinions. Landing yourself in long & tiring brainstorming sessions with your team. Trying really hard to come up with ‘ideas based on assumptions,’ that might solve the problem. Next you’ll find yourself sitting with the content, website development team, redoing the product, hoping to see positive results.

What possibly went wrong

It’s almost 3 months after the changes were implemented. But, the results are still not showing up. Hauntingly high drop-off rates, poor google analytics report, form a picture that sure doesn’t look pretty for the company.

Where to go from here

Well, before you go about revamping your beloved project again. Let’s call in the experts & have them take it from here. Wondering why?

Well because these experts I’m talking about here are the Website UX evaluation pioneers, who go through every inch of the design of an interface & decide whether or not it complies with the rule of thumb.

The experts from UX Evaluation team (group of designers, developers & strategists) will signal potential problems with your current website/application, usability testing from the real users will explain the cause of the problems.

Let’s see how you benefit from it.

  1. Quicker Tasks Completion

One of the best way a UX evaluation helps a product/website is by making the most important actions the easiest to accomplish and present them in a logical and consistent manner using existing conventions. More than that, short steps are victories in UX design. Users quickly get to task completion and feel great about it. UX heuristic evaluation also helps reduce flaws in design and deliver a seamless customer experience.

  1. Avoid project failure and costly redesign

Investing in a user centred design process is the most effective thing you can do to lessen your risk of project failure and redesign costs. Including user testing throughout your design process will result in 25% less rework and bug fixes post-launch. Why risk leaving that user validation to launch and having your project sink like a led balloon. Test sooner rather than later!

  1. Greater Customer Conversion

The crucial reason for all businesses to invest in their UX is the value of the return. Successful companies such as Amazon, Google and Apple all invest in building successful customer digital experiences and the evidence is in their huge success and low customer drop off rates. Importantly, it’s also an investment that keeps paying for itself in the longer term, unlike acquisition costs.

  1. Increased ROI

According to data compiled by Impact, industry surveys have shown that every dollar spent on optimizing user experience brings in between $2 and $100 dollars in return. A UX audit will help increase the overall usability of your website, which will improve satisfaction and loyalty among customers, leading to an increase in conversations and ROI.

  1. Better Brand Perception

There isn’t a doubt that UX plays a critical role in the way that customers perceive companies. Every interaction, every mention, every moment that someone shares with your brand is a chance for you to improve their perception of your company. It’s not enough to want people to like your brand, trust in it, and buy. It’ll take research, reflection, perseverance, seamless digital experiences to make sure your brand reaches that high.

  1.  Fewer Support Calls/Cases

We all know how frustrating it is when you can’t find something on a website and have to phone up a call centre, most likely waiting on hold for ages just to get a simple answer. We’ll tell you a secret, most people won’t do this. They’ll simply press the back button and go to your competitor.

  1. Better reviews

Online reviews are read by everyone, they’re the word of mouth of the internet and they are trusted because they come from ‘people like me’. Upset one person and thousands of people can read their review and decide not to buy from you. Through an increased understanding of users’ needs and improving the website/product accordingly, we create connected digital experiences that lead to better reviews.

In this era of interactive digital experiences, your product is often the first point of contact that customers have with your brand. It’s evidenced in our research, that first impressions have a big impact on user behaviour and their decision making process. It takes just a few seconds for users to judge if your brand is worth their time; remember that a bad user experience will put them off, undermining their trust in your company and compromising future use of your brand.

However, a UX evaluation can not only save you from spending billions of dollars tweaking or fixing your product, but also make the journey for the users very worth their while.

Need help or advice?

If you’re curious about how UX can help you create a more successful product, contact our experts for free.

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