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The NxtGen Walls: Where the Best Talks are Happening

The Challenge

Ideas brewing over a thousand cups of sour coffee, pressing discussions inside the closed walls of boardrooms, knowledge sharing in painfully boring training sessions; yes, we’ve been there, done that.
These typical, rather, ‘confined by work’ conversations are destined to happen if you too belong to the working-class. And the bitter part is, it all leaves with very little or no time to partner with others sharing a common goal or interest, leading to productive relationships.

The What

The idea was to make people bond, collaborate, create, with a simple nudge. A ‘nudge’ that makes people interact, form an active level of engagement that leads to collaboration.
And not wait for those regular team stand-ups or long due, town hall to happen. But, to have that small-talk, while may be sharing a ride in an elevator together or passing through that lobby.

The Where & How

To use walls & provide employees with an interactive space within the office premises enabling them to connect with each other, was the plan.
From a formal approach to understanding human-interactions to the creation of the device that enables collaboration; let’s talk about it all.

Collab Where and How

The Theory

To spark a conversation, to increase familiarity among people, a framework to understand interactions which can lead to collaboration was created. It is a formal approach to understand human interactions and allied components which lead to collaboration & consists of five successive steps.

The Experiments

To evaluate & validate the framework, scenario based experiments were carried out within the premise of the organization.
We tested the application of the study at spaces like lifts, staircases, pantry, cafeteria, work stations.Quizzes, polls on politics, sports, entertainment, technology as well as quick games, puzzles were used to test content viability.

The Device

These screen based installations have network of their own and would be stationed across spaces of transit, recreation.
The device will run using the most favourable technology and engage multiple people in the activities through serendipitous debates or polls, quick puzzles & games.
Who knows, next time you enter an elevator with some stranger, you come out allies, or maybe even better; you now have that next big idea that takes the enterprise by storm.

"Make the Best Talks Happen, Unexpectedly"