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10th January, 2018  

We’ve Seen the Future of Storytelling & It’s F#@%* Awesome

By Balraj Kaur


From mute movies to sci-fi thrillers-where you just can’t identify the illusion from reality, the future of storytelling is on an all-new high. Here we’re gathering a stimulating mix of storytelling mediums- from virtual reality, gaming, and immersive theater to introduction of other senses and beyond- that are going to take this phenomenon by storm.

Let’s see what the future looks like:

VR Glasses

You’ve seen movies wearing 3D glasses. Been to multiplexes to watch short 4D/5D films. Now, it’s time get your hands on these in-to-the-future VR Head Gear to experience the reel-life like real-life.

Customized Individual Bursts

Felt the climax could have been more dramatic? What if, you could choose-your-own endings or change the narrative to make it more compelling. Ain’t that thrilling?!

Story that Smells

Installations to emit scents are already being worked upon. Which means one would not just be watching what’s cooking on TV, but sniff those still-hot chocolate chip cookies.

Full Body VR Gear

Hang in there; the list is not over yet! A full body haptic suit that let you touch and feel virtual reality has full body motion capture and climate control systems.

AI to Improvise

Computers won’t cry during sad stories but certainly will tell how to make it more heartfelt. Now machines will work alongside humans to coin narratives that’ll sweep us off the floor.

Interact Real-Time

Technology now will allow to interact us with the game characters as if we’re talking to someone we know. And direct them and have them answer back or give us advice.

Breaking the boundaries of traditional media, it’s going to be so much more than just gulping down buckets of popcorn while watching your favorite TV Series. The makers of the media are now looking for new mediums to make you experience the narration as if you’re a part of it.

So, fasten your seatbelts because they’re already headed to that world, which soon you’ll be transported to.

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