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3rd June, 2016  

Make them talk. They are ready to hear you!

By Asmita Misra


The Inception…

Visual cues grab user’s attention… but for how long? This is the most basic question that runs in my mind whenever I see a new design budding. I hear my designers talk about animating, emphasizing, and deliberately trying to walk in the shoes of the user to give them the most optimal experience. But, do they really justify the purpose of mapping their conceptual model to the users’ mental model? Or, is it just a blind-hunch to meet expectation as Usability testing is treated just a ritual?

What If he does not…

  • get the context
  • know what to do
  • get answers

What did they do…?

To address most predominant issues of usability and accessibility, several assistive technologies are put in place among which speech recognition serves an ambitious purpose – listen to what user’s speak, understand what they need, and suggest/do what is interpreted. This is great!!!! What if an important action is missed by the user? Will we fall back to visual cues? What if multiple actions are missed? How much cognitive load should the user take to ratify them?

What’s the catch…?

How about…

  • Combining speech synthesis and recognition in an interaction-intensive application
  • Creating an application that talks to the user

Stay tuned!

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