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A Tool that Simplifies Marketing

Information Architecture Re‑haul to get Smarter Insights

The Client

Present in more than 60 countries, our client is a leading software & solutions company and vendor to most trusted Telecom companies in the world.

IMI Challange

The Challenge

Business flow across touch-points to be simplified, navigation better & data mapping easier, were high on agenda.

The Approach

To prioritize information according to marketing goals & deliver a product that matches the mental model of the user.

IMI Illustration The Challenge

One Glance, Get it All with Enhanced Functionality

The elements on the dashboard are placed with logical reasoning & hierarchy of their visual importance.

IMI Enhanced Functionality IMI Enhanced Functionality
IMI Data Visualization

Storytelling through Data Visualization

Frequently monitored information gets presented with the help of best-suited graphs on which the users can quickly act.

Delving Deep with Progressive Disclosure

The stats & data are now categorized based on the usability making dashboard more information-rich sans complexity.

Defying Limits through Scalable Solutions

Instituted elements like color composition, design re-factoring, pop-ups, so that the architecture is ready to process larger datasets.

Find Easy via Improved Navigation

Removal of nested tabs helped to bring in clarity & streamline the experience.

Better Experiences through Better Branding

Created a style guide that spoke of business and brand’s personality & ensured consistency throughout the product.

"Untangle Complex Structures"