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The Making of  WaveMaker

How change in Branding Strategy drove a Brand to Win Big

Wavemaker Branding Cover

The Client

WaveMaker, Inc. is a portfolio company of Pramati Technologies (est. 1998), a business incubator and enterprise software company with a combined workforce of nearly 1200 employees. WaveMaker, Inc. brings the WaveMaker Rapid Application Development Platform that enables the speedy creation of customized Apps.

Wavemaker Branding Logo Design

The Challenge

WaveMaker stated, irrespective of having strong product offerings & the perks of advanced technology, the conversion rate (percentage of visits to the site/product that resulted in "conversion") remained significantly low.

Wavemaker Branding Client
Wavemaker Branding Client

The Challenge

WaveMaker stated, irrespective of having strong product offerings & the perks of advanced technology, the conversion rate (percentage of visits to the site/product that resulted in "conversion") remained significantly low.

Wavemaker Branding Client

The Approach

The goal was to take a holistic look at multiple touchpoints of the brand and come up with a strategy and design that helps increase the conversion rate. Team Imaginea speaks highly of content power to achieve marketing goals. Thus our work began with analyzing WaveMaker’s website content presentation, which was found to be obfuscating, inconsistent & mainly technical; failing to address to the target audience. It was imperative to understand what influences audience needs/actions & come up with a strategy that builds holistic experience across micro-moments. To make the brand talk of the business value, adapt to the tone, style & type of content with changing business personas; helped drive the change.

WM branding_approch

The Creation of Personas

Diving into branding process without knowing exactly who the buyers are, & what influences their motives, wouldn’t make sense. So we explored, identified & created, who these people are, what they value. After a comprehensive study of social media research, site analytics these personas took shape. It came to our surprise that our client’s product had not one, but, three buyers. And we categorized them as CXOs, Influencers & Developers. To create more compelling content that will engage these ideal customers, was the objective.

Wavemaker Branding CXO


They are incredibly impatient as their schedules are jam-packed & they have to make a lot of high stakes decisions. And with whatever little time in our hands, it was to be made sure that the website & product spoke of the high-value impact it would make to the business.

Wavemaker Branding Influencers


They’re capable of influencing the decision-making process to a great extent and had to be conveyed about the high-level features of the product. We took the chance to establish primary offerings of the product; to not just influence awareness but drive action.

Wavemekers Branding Developers


Well, these are the actual users of the product. Hence, it was mission critical that the product delivers what it commits. Be it the ease of use or allowing the user to explore without feeling intimidated, it was all taken care of.

The Futuristic

We ask, we reason, we reckon & we create. Same was the case when the job of WaveMaker’s re-branding was assumed. It was after a thorough review of the brand & the product; a branding exercise was undertaken to recreate brand identity. Key words like trustworthy, cutting edge, trendy, futuristic, collaborative & innovative were instituted to guide the personality, aesthetics, and behavior of the website, product, and tone of the communication.

The Lasting Visual Identity

Fixed on colors & typographies that were going to be functional as well as visually effective for the brand.
The purpose was to design a website that not only attracts viewers’ attention but also stimulates them to make quick decisions.

Wavemaker Branding Visual Identity

The Above Awesome Content Strategy

Fabricated a content strategy that met the needs of the user at critical stages & helped them move to the end product seamlessly. Clean & minimal content, aided by relevant media, easy to comprehend tonality, & with a product first approach enhanced the aesthetic appeal.

WM branding Content Strategy

The Art of Logo Re-design

The motto was not just to lend a high-quality design but to promote strong affective associations with the logo. It’s been modernized indicating the evolution of the brand. Logo is now designed with precision, aligned with the brand values & has a higher recall merit.

Wavemaker Branding Logo Design

The Best of First Time User Experience

The aim was to lend a great first impression of the product by creating a perfect onboarding experience. Designed a framework of user’s journey from website to the product. From simplifying the sign up procedure to inculcating tutorial videos, helped better the process. Relooked at micro interactions, like empty states & error messages, approach more contextual to help the user complete the task easily & quickly.

The Product that’ll make the Job a lot Easier

It’s more intuitive & resource-driven now, accompanied with tutorials that help users to take actions a lot faster. The product personality has been de-cluttered, de-jargonized & modeled to be rapid and accessible in every aspect.

The Next Level Graphics & Animations

WaveMaker’s website, as well as the product, is now packed with high quality, relevant animation and illustrations to capture the attention of the visitors & users alike. With strategically placed infographics, loading animations, illustrations, we not only provided users with an impressive website & onboarding experience but also helped them comprehend complex concepts easily.

Wavemaker Branding One Code Base

"Let’s Change for the Better"