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From Complex to Simple

A Journey from Website to Product Re-Design

Wavemaker Client Logo

The Client

WaveMaker, a Low-Code Rapid Application Development platform helps companies/individuals build custom-made Applications in less time, lesser money & even fewer resources.

Wavemaker Client Logo
Wavemaker the Challenge

The Challenge

The website & product experience kept users to convert through every stage of the funnel. The conversion rate across touchpoints was merely 2%.

The Approach

Applied m360 Degree approach, coupled with divergent thinking & came up with a design strategy that helps up the conversion rate.

Brand Value Re-Designed

Humanized the logo to make it more inviting. Aligned it with the Brand Values for a higher recall merit.

Wavemaker Redefined Image Wavemaker Redefined Image

Website Refined

From crafting stunning graphics to developing site architecture that works like magic, all with the strategy to engage and convert the target audience.

Wavemaker Redefined Image
Wavemaker Product

Product Modified

Dashboard made minimalistic, canvas distinguishable, context de-jargonized , to put forward a tool that’s more resource-driven & intuitive.

On-Boarding Streamlined

Simplified the sign-up procedure & inculcated a 5 step tutorial video to streamline the process.

wavemaker tutorial

Tutorials Imbibed

The flow of the tutorials simplified, content made interactive to simplify the user journey while working on the tool.

wavemaker tutorial
Wavemaker Caption Illustration

"20% increase in conversion"