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A Chair that does a lot more than just Revolve

Sensit to Sense & Boost Better Sitting Habits

The Challenge

Prolonged sitting is dangerous and can severely impact health and shorten your life.

How’d one offset the risk then?

The Idea

We came up with an IoT device, which will not only observe user’s sitting habits but also help improvise it.

A Retrofit Design

Design of the device is subtle, smart & minimal, with sensors which lay on the seat and the backrest.

Easy Resource Management

Connects the network of the chair over the internet & helps to know about occupancy status and manage resources to the maximum.

Real Time Data

Sensit is Wi-Fi enabled so you get real time updates about chair location, user details, posture, and occupancy status.

Posture Correction Prompts

Six sensors are distributed evenly on the seat and backrest of the chair to send posture correction prompts through haptic, auditory & visual mechanism.

An App to your Help

Personalize the chair usage with an App. It rates user’s sitting habits, statistics & encourages to sit better by enabling you to set reminders.

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