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24th January, 2018  

Top 10 AI-Trends of Future Forward Fashion

By Balraj Kaur


Nothing is immune to technology, not even fashion! We have every major apparel brand online through website or app, to help bring up the comfort factor for the shoppers. They are seen jotting down your preferences & body type to make personalized suggestions. That’s not it, marketers have even started to use machine learning to track customer behavior & predict what new categories will sell. And if it’s to be believed, rumors are, AI might soon replace the traditional way of getting dressed. Crazy yeah?!

Though some of the ideas may seem far-flung, let’s see what fashion industry would look like with AI in the picture, in years to come!

  1. Clothes of Self-Defense    

Next time you’re walking past an unknown neighborhood alone at night, no need to worry! These clothes will shock the hell-out-of-the-teaser trying to make unwanted contact.

  1. Dress of your Dreams

Online shopping could become a conversation, where the shopper describes the dress of their dreams, and, in seconds, an AI-powered search engine tracks down the closest match.

  1. Aligning Supply & Demand

It will not just help a company to spot trends but also come out with what is the relevant timing for brands and retailers to adopt.

  1. Read Past, Predict Trends

Cosabella is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to track customer behavior, high- and low-performing products, and popular silhouettes and color patterns to predict what new categories and pieces will sell.

  1. See. Click. Shop.

An app that lets users purchase clothing and accessories they see on social media, online and on the street by taking a photo or screenshot on their phone.

  1. Kiss Personal Shopper Goodbye

Just put in your details & and the AI bot would spit back a selection of “smart” suggestions, the same coats that a real person in a store might suggest.

7.Get Fit Quick

Wearing clothes that’ll aid in weight/fat loss. How cool can it get! Future might soon have you wear clothes to the gym that will regulate your body temperature in sync with the exercise you do.

  1. Shop With VR

Still tired from yesterday’s trip to the beach, to go to the mall? No worries! We’ll get Mall, home for ya! Now shop from the comfort of home wearing this VR Headset.

  1. Predict Health

You’ll not just be oozing your great sense at style wearing these clothes, but, know your health status too. Sensors distributed across the clothing assisted with an App will let you know how to fit you are.  

10.Mirror, mirror, what looks the best?

Tired of standing in long queues waiting to try on a bunch of clothes you might or might not buy? Yes, we can sense that pain too, Sista! That’s why malls may soon have AR mirrors, meaning you’

ll no longer need to wear every item you’d like to buy!

Amazon is helping you look your best every day with its 24*7 style assist, Echo Look. Using just your voice, this device lets you take full-length photos and short videos of your daily look and build your personal lookbook. Northface is saving you time & hustle of looking for a jacket by asking a few questions in the beginning. Then there are companies trying to procrastinate micro-trends by scanning Twitter, Instagram profiles of significant fashion influencers. And all of it is just the start of what strong reforms, the fashion industry will witness in the future. The world is waiting to be baffled by technology that will influence their buying behavior. And it’s only a matter of time when fashion becomes a synonym to technology!

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