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25th October, 2017  

Brilliant Touchpoints, Brilliant Experiences

By Subhasish Karmarkar


New Logo and Identity Design done In-House

Crafting unforgettable experiences by making every touchpoint count

Imaginea Design (Est. 2015), is a design division of Imaginea Technologies, under the parent company of Pramati Technologies Ltd (Est. 1998). The new name and identity for the brand were enforced to reflect what it stands for & speak of its core values. At Imaginea Design, it all revolves around lending the end-user an experience of a lifetime. We believe every customer’s journey is unique and customer-centricity can improve engagement with businesses.

A Great Experience always equals a Great Brand

To innovative a product is not enough to sustain growth in today’s economy. From the customer’s point of view, it is a start to their basic expectations. In fact, a good customer experience defines the brand.

How customers experience your brand throughout their journey is what lasts.

With the advent of technology, consumers are connecting with brands via multiple touch points such as website, mobile apps, AR, VR, interactive kiosks, social networks and various services etc. It is important to know that not every touchpoint is for every customer. Hence it is important to find out the shared values that lead to much deeper, richer & long-lasting relationship.

Multiple Touchpoints across brands

A study shows that, by 2020, new technologies will drastically change consumer engagement with brands, due to which brands across the globe will have multiple touchpoint experiences at the same time. In line with that, Imaginea Design, deliver experiences that are consistent across all platform. Creating opportunities where the consumer can freely choose when and how to interact with the products and services.

Usually, most companies think of customer experience they think about single touch-points—the individual transactions through which customers interact with parts of the business and its offerings. This is logical and is relatively easy to build into operations. However, this siloed focus on individual touchpoints misses the bigger—and more important—picture: the customer’s end-to-end experience. In today’s world in order to keep your customers hooked to your product or brand, you need to consider multiple touch-points. It is important to be present and be relevant across all those touch points

Imaginea Design creates true value by building a relationship with customers and provide with platforms that make a brand unique. We map out the customer journey & make sure the user is satisfied every step of the way. We not only make brands create winning experiences but, give an edge over competitors. The new logo & revamped website emphasizes on how design, strategy & technology enables us to gain insights, mold interaction, unhook innovation and take the user on a journey that’s seamless, structured & intuitive than ever. Aiming not just to improvise experiences, but, to transform those billion touchpoints into brilliant experiences.


About Subhasish Karmarkar : Subhasish heads the Design Practice Products and Services at Imaginea Design Studio.

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