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Traveling for Business? It won’t seem a Chore Anymore

The Challenge

Veteran business travelers have their travel routine down to a T. But even after you’ve conquered the art of packing a suitcase and toiled the near crazy world of reward points like a perfectionist, that's only the beginning. There are flights to catch, cabs to hail, airports to navigate, hotels to book, dinner reservations to make and, of course, expense reports to file. So much to take care of, right?!

The Idea

In light of that, we've come up with an application that could help make your work trip go seamlessly. From planning the route to keeping in touch with colleagues as well as managing expenses when you don't have a computer on hand, it’ll help you to have the most stress-free trip possible.

And the ‘Countdown’ Begins

With Assist you can count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until your trip. Just set your travel destination and departure date and enjoy all the useful features. You’ll also get a trip reminder about 24 hours before your trip is scheduled to start, just in case you hadn’t started packing yet.

‘Alerts’ to Your Aid

Assist sends instant alerts to your device for weather conditions, news updates, so you can act quickly. Uncover something new with helpful alerts specific to your travel destination.

Know what’s ‘Near’ You

If you’re a food fanatic, and, between meeting with potential clients over power lunches, you like treating yourself, Assist is a no-brainer. Search through famous restaurants, popular destinations, hotels & what not, near your location.

One-Click away

Now see-it-all in one place! From finding your flight details to hotel location from inquiry numbers to cab services, everything at your finger tips!

Automate Your ‘Expenses’

Make expense management more efficient and future-proof. Auto track travel expenses as assist analyses your SMS inbox & detects significant card transactions, bills & tickets. Plus with its ability to sync expenditures incurred with your office for necessary approvals, there isn’t much left to fret about!

At Your ‘Service’, always

Find quick answers to common questions. Assist provides you with a quick Call & Chat button that connects you to our travel help desk in no time; also giving you access to the Travel Policy details.

"Make Business Travels Easy"