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Traveling for Business? It won’t seem a Chore Anymore

The Challenge

For business owners who find themselves in the air more than they're in the office, there isn’t much help to make their travels as hassle-free as possible.

The Idea

From planning the route to managing expenses, we’ve designed an App that’ll make traveling for business a pleasure.

And the ‘Countdown’ Begins

Countdown the days, hours, minutes, until your trip. Just set your travel destination and departure date & enjoy all the useful features.

‘Alerts’ you Can Rely Upon

Be it helpful alerts specific to your travel destination or scrolling through famous eateries, and Assist is a no-brainer.

One-Click away

From finding your flight details to hotel location from inquiry numbers to cab services, it’s all at your fingertips!

Automate Your ‘Expenses’

With its ability to auto track expenses and sync them with your office for necessary approvals, there isn’t much left to fret.

At Your ‘Service’, always

A quick Call & Chat button that connects you to travel help desk and gives access to the Travel Policy details.

"Make Business Travels Easy"