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13th May, 2016  

Wired Weird #1 – A comic strip that connects humor and technology

By Chari


Wired Weird

Wired Weird

“Imagine a world of technology driven by monsters, gargoyles, animals, zombies and everything else that would just pop up with life in it. For instance, a microwave oven having a tête-à-tête with an age old cooker about Artificial Intelligence and enlightening it about programmable kitchen equipments and how to blend with it. Technology is a continuous phenomenon driven by observation, persuasion and passion and it isn’t constant.

Wired Weird bridges the gap between humor and technology and makes every attempt to tickle the funny bone. So, if you are a ‘weird techie’ with a perpetual sense of humor and a dash of sarcasm, take on this rib-tickling comic-strip and remember to stay ‘wired’ once a week.”

About Chari : A writer at heart and a doodle storyteller by choice, I spend my time writing screenplays for animation and films and scribbling on everything from crumpled paper napkins to X-ray reports.

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