Product design


Designing it the way the user wants

Understanding the context of the end product is the first step towards a successful product design. While B2C is more about engaging and entertaining the end user, B2B product design is about bringing in efficiency and effectiveness. However, it is extremely essential to know and understand the user while developing a B2B product as well.

B2B systems are seldom created from scratch and typically there are legacy systems with existing users. We deeply understand domains, we read the minds of the users and carry out intensive user research. Our m360 framework helps us identify the ‘micro moments’ in a user’s journey that shapes preferences and assist in decision-making.

Product Design at Imaginea is an iterative process, with plenty of prototyping and feedback loops. Multidisciplinary teams from diverse backgrounds collaborate to build a solution that caters different user needs.


Interaction Design

Interaction Design

At Imaginea, we take a structured design approach from initial paper prototyping for early design concepts to developing high-level interaction design prototypes using simple interactive media. Our end goal is to build the most effective, efficient design for users.

Front-end Development

Front-end Development

Our design-led engineering approach minimizes the design vs. feature gap that often exists while building the product front-end. We excel in crafting enticing design and building a fast, responsive lean code that is functional and user friendly.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a critical step in design practice, as it gives real inputs on how real users use the system and accomplish tasks. Our systematic approach to usability testing makes it simple and hassle free in creating better user experiences.


Smart online and in-store retail solution

With our detailed field research and an in-depth analysis of studying online consumer behavior in the retail segment, we have designed and built an app that provides customers, a seamless in-store experience.

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