Prototyping & feasibility


Building products through moments driven approach

Knowing your customers is always the first step towards achieving success. This is possible with continuous improvement in delivering product experience, staying relevant, keeping pace with the changing customer demands and delighting them. The primary focus should be on innovating new products and upgrading existing products. This can be achieved with rapid prototyping.

The stepping stone of prototyping is extensive user research and delivering exactly what the user wants, getting user feedback and making multiple changes as required. This drastically cuts down costs and minimizes product flaws. With prototyping the product can be taken to market fast, get user feedback, and accommodate multiple changes based on it. This reduces the need for changes during development. In the end, you develop a product with minimum flaws, ready to hit the market.

At Imaginea, we use a unique proprietary m360 framework to turn your ideas into realistic proofs of concept and transform them into high fidelity prototypes. It all starts with identifying the moments that matters most to your customers. We use this moments driven approach to build products that are customer specific and relevant to the market. This gives a product experience blueprint that is unique, intuitive and well differentiated from competing brands and minimize development cost and launch products faster.


Design Research

Design Research

We gather deep understanding of the end user along with their user experience expectation. Our research methodology includes ethnography analysis, heuristic evaluation, persona analysis and m360 framework, to uncover valuable insights.

Technology Feasibility

Technology Feasibility

We conduct product lifecycle evaluations using the latest technology. This makes us a reliable partner in taking your idea to the market fast by giving it the right technology direction.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

We partner with WaveMaker a leading low-code platform and offer rapid prototyping services that helps you to gauge market reaction and identify gaps upfront. Pivoting & iterative enhancement of the user experience is a more viable option to take ideas to market faster.


Webinar: Designing for Micro-Moments

Learn how to identify the moments that matter the most to your customers and how to optimize them.

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