Cloud based SaaS platform to assist employees to make better healthcare decisions

About the client
Our client is an advancing billion-dollar company, a leading healthcare information provider. It provides quality information on various healthcare plans and pricing. It uses a single cloud platform to deliver applications for corporate customers who wish to make smart choices and optimize annual medical expenses.

Tech stack
Java, Spring, Ruby on Rails, Python
Jenkins, Build Management, AWS.

The problem
The assignment from the healthcare startup was to develop a sophisticated SaaS that provides personalized inputs to corporate users, on various healthcare products and plans that are available in the market. The service also equips corporates with decision making tools to make intelligent purchases.
For perspective information, the service generates exhaustive reports from a combination of public and private sources, including HHS Health Data Initiative, Leapfrog, and NCQA. To measure effectiveness, Patient Satisfaction Data is extracted from companies like Vitals, Citysearch and other complementary data sources.

The solution
The team developed an upgradable SOA platform that supported cloud applications like health plan product, employer product and mobile. Being an information delivery system, search and indexing was an important function. An advanced search criteria was built based on the Provider, Pricing and Classifier data, along with ranks for Pricing, Past Care, Rewards and Application Instrumentation.

Healthcare is a highly competitive space in the US and completely driven by insurance pricing. To optimize the pricing module in the platform, the team implemented a robust engine that runs simulations using millions of pricing variables associated with different health plans.
Imaginea also augmented the client’s functional testing process with a custom test automation framework. The QA team now seamlessly runs a battery of tests to quickly uncover issues and exceptions.

The benefits
The quality of the US healthcare system is largely improved today due to information transparency and a more stable healthcare pricing model. As a result, employers and employees have access to tons of data that can help in taking a better decision. But they need an information and decision system, such as the one Imaginea built here, to leverage that, and save on healthcare expenses.

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