Harnessing the power of referrals via
a social platform

About the product
KnownCircle™ is the new and growing social referral platform for professional service providers. Powered by SocialTwist, a leader in social referral marketing that drives marketing referral programs for over 50 of the world’s Fortune 500 brands, KnownCircle™ allows customers to refer their social networking friends and family to trusted service providers; allows service providers to ask their customers for social media endorsements; and helps customers find the services their social community trusts the most, creating quick and lasting business connections. For more information, please visit www.knowncircle.com.

Tech stack
Backend:Nodejs, AWS Lambda, Golang,
Frontend: ReactJS
Infra: Docker

The problem
According to a recent study by Boston Consulting Group, consumers rely on word of mouth more than paid media advertising: The results of the BCG survey of more than 32,000 consumers in Europe and the U.S. show that 66 percent of the respondents consult friends and family before purchasing—two to ten times more often than they consult paid media advertising.
To harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing, this concept was packaged into a social network with marketing analytics. This platform will enable service providers with digital marketing solutions for personalized marketing and making discovery of local businesses easier for customers.
The solution
Rich data, is the core value, the application delivers. To ensure that, constant crawling to various data sources was done. The data so obtained, had to be deduplicated to ensure quality. Around 2.2 Mn business records were fetched by our crawlers and the algorithm was able to dedup almost 27000 records. This ensured that the data about 40000 business were reliable.
In order to support such dynamic data, the UI needed constant refresh rates. We faced challenges with multi-device responsive design. We have since, moved on to separate interfaces for desktop and mobile versions, which are developed and maintained independently. We adopted a robust build process for assets with Gulp which includes compiling ES6 React components using browserify, compressing images, uploading assets to S3 and serving versioned assets from CloudFront.
We externalized all text on the app and built a simple interface for editing.Changes made to the production environment was live immediately and without a need for redeployment. These are then synced to other environments using private APIs. Currently we are building a custom live edit environment which offers a point and click interface to change messaging, images, etc. This has resulted in reduced timelines for delivery and deadlines for both the development and marketing teams
The benefits
We built a social network that ties service providers and customers with the essence of digital WOM, personalised customer engagement, automated referral process. We have set up KnownCircle as a marketing automation platform for agents, service providers and carriers.
Our referral solution leverages mobile and social media to amplify personalized marketing. Service providers can now easily seek and get endorsements from their loyal customers, and grow their business by reaching their friends and family. Each of these endorsements results in 200x amplification for the service providers personal brand. The results are referral leads that are delivered straight to an inbox.
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