Microsoft Releases React Native Adaptive Cards, Crafted by Imaginea


Imaginea, was recognized in the prestigious Microsoft Build 2019, for their community contribution to the Microsoft Adaptive Cards project. Adaptive cards provide developers a way of sharing rich card content in a common and consistent way, with native experience and performance using renderers.

Adaptive Cards is an open framework that has renderers for multiple platforms, enabling an ecosystem of shared tooling, seamless integration between apps, and native cross-platform performance on any device. Adaptive Cards SDKs are available for major platforms, such as iOS, Android, Web, .NET.

Historically, renderers were not available for the React Native (RN) platform to fulfill Adaptive Cards requirements. At Imaginea, we faced a similar situation where we were looking for a solution while working on one of our client projects. Thus came the challenging opportunity of building a renderer for the cross platform community via Github. Imaginea’s team worked on this project as an open source community contribution and developed RN Adaptive Cards SDK. It includes an option of ThemeConfig that enables custom styles to be passed for atomic control of UI elements’ props.

Built and maintained by Imaginea, the React Native Adaptive Card was officially released in the Microsoft Build conference, May 2019 and the team was cited for their contribution by Matt Hidinger, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft. He conducted a session on the next version of Adaptive Cards – as part of showcasing compelling real-world scenarios of Adaptive Cards, Matt mentioned Imaginea’s contribution to the community.

In his own words, “Imaginea is one of our best partners. My favorite thing about this is that they’re the first external non-Microsoft contributors that we add into our GitHub repo with write access”.

Imaginea has filled the gap of Adaptive Cards’ presence in the cross-platform development by implementing the renderer in React Native. It also plays an important role in offering rich user experience in conversational platforms and frameworks, like LUIS (Language Understanding) bot used in building AI powered customer service agents, as mentioned by Satya Nadella in his keynote speech at the conference.

This open source involvement led the team to make related contributions, such as react-native-video and react-native-markdown to RN community. These contributions showcase Imaginea’s technical depth, coding quality, and their capability of delivering high-caliber solutions under tight deadlines.


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