Ad Blocker

IndustryAd Tech

Year2015 – 2018

RoleAPI, Analytics

TechnologyJava, PHP-Laravel, Python-Django, NodeJs, GoLang, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Kaltura, JWPlayer, Redis, Lua, nginx

Take back control from ad-blockers.
To increase publishers revenue.

Our client, an AdTech player specializing in Programmatic Advertising Platform, wanted to build a cost prediction and optimization solution for accurate billing and an anti-ad blocker solution for better ad delivery. Additionally, they required augmentation of video ad content delivery for superior performance.


Measure the effect of ad blockers on publishers.
To protect and continue to monetize their content.


We put together a system that aggregates information from numerous sources to predict and optimize advertisement cost. Ingestion scripts were deployed to pull content from multiple vendors into content management systems like Kaltura and JWPlayer. We also built an ad-blocker solution that uses a reverse proxy server, encryption, and API-based ad serving mechanism.


Reduce revenue leakage.
Increase impression value.

The high-performance web server was able to process >10K requests to server ads, and the dynamic API-based ad server could work without being blocked by ad-blockers.

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