Customer service chatbot

Case study

Cognitive customer chatbot

Our client is one of the largest retailers in the world offering a wide range of premium products online. They were looking for a configurable customer service chatbot plugin for their online businesses.


The client needed a platform-agnostic chatbot to handle typical (FAQ type), high-volume customer queries and enable customer service representatives to focus on high-value queries.


  • The chatbot plugin had to be accessible across different platforms and websites, without making any changes to the architecture of the existing native mobile apps.
  • The UI theme and styling of the chatbot had to be configurable for each e-commerce website.


Imaginea came up with the idea of having a native like chatbot plugin built using the React Native framework. This chatbot was designed to be integrated with any native application, with minimal setup. Styling aspects like brand specific themes, can be directly configured from within the native e-commerce application itself.

Tech stack

How our solution helped

Achieved ‘Multiple Canvas | Multiple Application’ with a React Native based chatbot plugin, built on Microsoft’s Open Framework, Adaptive Card.

Overall approach

We built the chatbot plugin, which can reside within the Native application, instead of being a typical, stand-alone React Native application. To communicate and share configurations and APIs, we created an interface between the native and the React Native realms by placing the react-native bundle in a native library project and broadcast the relevant APIs in the native programming language. This separation helped in scaling the plug-in across multiple applications. The following diagram illustrates the chatbot architecture:

The chatbot is capable of answering queries, based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). We used React Native Adaptive Cards for rendering the chatbot responses in a rich and dynamic conversational interface.


  • A single chatbot solution for all existing platforms, instead of developing individual chatbots
    for each native app.
  • Customer support representatives were able to focus on high-priority customer cases,
    leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Increased customer touchpoints due to dynamic card content.

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