Futuristic Travel Solution



RoleUser Experience

TechnologyHTML 5

A futuristic travel solution.
If you wish to travel far and fast.

The objective was to create a next-generation travel app that emphasizes on the travel experience and with the spotlight on places of interest.


The journey of a thousand miles.
Begins with a single step.


The design is focussed on providing a travel experience where-in travel planning becomes comfortable. The app is centered on Point Of Interests (POIs) around a city/country or a geographical region. Users can select places of interest and the app automatically prepares a travel itinerary/guide based on a travel plan considering travel routes, timings & the best times to visit. App provides an end-to-end platform showing ratings, reviews and visits enabling users to make informed travel decisions.


First, it leaves you speechless.
Then turns you into a storyteller.

An experience free from clutters of booking hotels, flights, transport and focus more on travel plan of a solo traveller or a group traveler.

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