High performance ad delivery engine



RoleDevOps, CI/CD, Elastic Scalability

TechnologyGit, Jenkins, S3, AWS, Codedeploy, InfluxData, Telegraf, Chronograf

Venturing into an unknown terrain is risky.
Minimize the risk with a map.

The innovation arm of a South Korean multinational major wanted to build a high-performance ad engine as part of their startup incubation program. Our rich expertise in creating cutting-edge AdTech solutions made us their preferred partner.


Save time and effort.
With third-party tool integration.


We built a low latency ad serve engine with elastic scalability, cross-region data sync, and continuous deployment on AWS. The platform uses microservices architecture where several components come together to form the entire solution. To achieve low latency during component-to-component interaction, we chose AWS SQS queue service and AWS Elasticache service. To enable continuous integration and deployment, we built a CI/CD pipeline using Git, Jenkins, S3, and Codedeploy.


A superior ad engine delivered.
With sub-milli second delivery speeds.

The result was a superior performance ad engine with low latency, elastic scalability, monitoring and DevOps integration. We also built a parallel request processing system to serve a batch of request in a single go that ensured faster response while interacting with external web services.

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