Hybrid cloud healthcare solution


Hybrid Cloud solution using Azure help centralize software
deployment and update process.


Year2013 – Ongoing

RoleMicroservices, DevOps, QA

TechnologySOA, J2EE, ROR, .Net, AngularJS, JQuery, Selenium, IOS

Unlock your network potential with better reach

Our client is a leading ISV specializing in Medical Practice, with a large network of medical practitioners in their loop. To effectively reach out to medical practitioners in a greater scale, the client needed their Windows desktop-based Hybrid Cloud solution to be accessible from any laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone running on Windows or Mac or iOS or Android.

Bespoke cost-effective Hybrid Cloud solution

Imaginea leveraged its expertise on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and came up with a fast, elegant and cost-effective solution in the form of hosting the desktop application in the cloud as an Azure Remote App.

Azure RemoteApp is a cloud solution from Microsoft to enable organizations to host their applications (Windows apps, Enterprise applications, Line of Business applications or anything else) in centrally managed Windows Server(s) in the Azure cloud, where they are easier to scale and update.

End users just need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop clients on their Internet-connected laptop, tablet, or smartphone running on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android – and can then access applications as if they were running locally. We also transformed their Windows Desktop Application into a Software-as-a-Service running in the Cloud, which can be accessed on-demand from any form factor.

Through Imaginea’s cloud solution, the company has been able to effectively offer its medical software solution to medical practitioners using MacBook or Windows/Android/iOS devices, thus generating more revenue from the expanded customer base.


Centralized deployment simplifies legacy migration

The company did not have to go through the time consuming and expensive process of rewriting and migrating the legacy desktop-based software into a web application.The solution also helped the company to simplify and centralize its software deployment and update process. We also automated scalability requirements by using Azure Remote App’s auto-scale capabilities.