Legacy application retirement

Case study

Legacy application retirement

Our client is a $5 billion global insurance brokerage and risk management firm. They offer merger partnership to those who seek greater financial and technical resources and help them with sustainable growth.


Over a period of time, with ever increasing M&As, our clients had to manage more than 420 live systems, in which many of them were legacy applications. They were looking for ways to reduce the operational expenses of these systems.


  • Multiple acquisitions resulted in a large number of live legacy systems
  • Maintenance costs of these systems were high
  • Integrating legacy data into go-forward systems was turning out to be quite expensive and complex


Imaginea came up with an application simplification program that contains a 24-month pipeline of applications to be ‘Terminated’. This required a consistent approach to migrating data to target systems, without disturbing day-to-day operational processes.

Tech stack

How our solution helped

80% reduction in OPEX by transitioning legacy system, with a projected savings of $4.5 million

Overall approach

Imaginea built a legacy data repository (LDR) platform that requires zero data conversion from run-off applications, inherited through M&A. In this platform, legacy data remains accessible and secure. Contextual search is also provided so that the organization can efficiently respond to Release of Information (ROI) requests.


Our reusable worklets approach led to:

  • Easy maintenance and low cost – Reduces maintenance cost of multiple live legacy systems.
  • Fast on-boarding – Transitioning takes less than 5 weeks.
  • Infrastructure cost savings – LDR archives are primarily read-only data stores, the infrastructure required to run them is minimal.
  • Quick Search – Reserving archival data in a single location makes for simplified search, access, request for information fulfillment, and reporting.

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