Live music service platform


Connecting music enthusiasts to live events through all-in-one music chat platform.

IndustryMusic/ Entertainment


RoleSocial Collaboration, RTC

TechnologyRuby On Rails, Ember 2, AWS EC2, AWS S3, Redis, PostgreSQL

Reserve tickets for live gigs

Our client, a live music service platform provider, wanted to build a platform that allows people to reserve tickets for live gigs. It should also let people make plans with friends who are using the application. Another requirement was to build a responsive web app and enable social integration along with smart button for partner sites.

Integrated platform to collaborate and book tickets

We created an end-to-end platform using Ruby on Rails. The platform came with features that allowed users to invite friends via email and SMS within the application. We also added smart buttons powered by Node.js, and the relevant data could be stored in S3, Amazon EC2 for infrastructure.


Unified experience increase ticket sales

The outcome was a single, integrated chat platform for users to collaborate and make plans. We also ensured a seamless experience across devices and this led to a rise in ticket sales as well.