Personalized Healthcare Recommendation


Year2013 – Ongoing

RoleApplication Development, Machine Learning

TechnologyJava, Jersey, Rails, Se, Greenplum, Python, AngularJS

Break the rules of the game.
To reach new heights.

Our client, a leading healthcare information provider, empowers people to make the best choices for their health, and help companies make the most of their health benefits. The requirement was to develop a sophisticated SaaS platform that provides personalized inputs on various healthcare products available in the market, thereby optimizing annual medical expense for the companies.


Insights powered by Machine Learning.
Improves quality of care, saves cost.


We built an integrated platform with advanced search features. It compares providers based on overall performance that considers quality of care, pricing and other classified data points. The platform provides a single personalized view into all health benefits, health savings account (HSA) and plan status. Our intuitive natural language processing technique enables employees to search in human language and receive contextual results. The platform’s analytical engine runs simulations using millions of health plan pricing variables. We also developed spend pattern analytics that provides instant access to digital insurance cards, past care and claims of the employee.


Differentiation makes you unique.
Keeps customer engrossed.

Healthcare provider comparison is a core feature that helped our customer differentiate in the market. The high-performance analytics engine is one of its kind in the industry that simulates millions of health plan pricing variables.

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