Private Cloud DevOps Automation


Year2012 – Ongoing

RoleCloud Automation, DevOps

TechnologyOpenStack, Horizon, Keystone, Nova, Glance, Cinder, Swift, Celiometer, Heat, Murano, Designate, Mistral, Trove

Feel the winds of change.
To do things better and fly higher.

An American multinational telecommunication major was looking to increase its cloud offering market share by lowering subscription prices and launching new features faster. To maintain profitability, a 15% YoY cost reduction from IT operations was targeted.


Transition from manual to automatic.
Saves time and cost.


We enabled continuous delivery and integration to automate and improve the software delivery process, thus accelerating the build, deploy, test, and release processes. One of the key approaches identified was to automate DevOps tasks. Automating these tasks helped organizations in setting up and configuring infrastructure consistently that are free from errors. Imaginea’s DevOps automation sprint followed the above five-step iterative process to continuously improve and progressively automate DevOps activities.


Infrastructure setup made easy.
Results in 37% YoY engineering cost reduction.

Reduced standard infrastructure setup and configuration time from 8 hours to 15 minutes. The non-standard infrastructure setup and configuration time was reduced from 2 weeks to 3 hours. Year-on-year (YoY) engineering cost was reduced by 37% through asset reuse, saving manpower for setups, and configurations.

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