Programmatic media buying


Programmatic media buying solution improves relevance of ad delivery.

IndustryLife Sciences

Year2017 – Ongoing

RoleApplication Development, Setting up Data Lake, Implementing bio. informatics pipeline, Microservices, Analytics

TechnologyJava/J2EE, Apache Kafka, ReactJS, Microservices, Google Cloud

Time to unlock new business value

Our client offers real-time online media trading desk system and services, making advertising investments more successful for marketers by unlocking the value of audience data. Their existing process of generating thousands of ad previews took several days and it worked only on a predefined set of sites. The need was to develop a fully automated process with no manual intervention.

Media buying benchmarked

Imaginea developed a web solution for programmatic media buying. We used PhantomJS, Virtual Framebuffer and Selenium for tackling the headless problem, multiprocessing and Celery for performance and image processing for a generic solution that would work across multiple ad exchanges. We worked with Selenium, Virtual Framebuffer, Celery and image processing tools to improve performance and support any website with iframe ads. Features like scheduling, geo-targeting, ad-preview, real-time monitoring and notifications were built in.


Enriched user experience drives platform adoption

We built the programmatic media buying solution from scratch in 3 months. Automation helped reduce the overall operational cost.