Smart irrigation using topographic analytics

IndustryEnergy & Utilities

Year2015 – 2016

RoleAndroid and iOS native app development

TechnologyJava, Objective-C

Being precise and reckless.
Translates to better livelihood for farmers.

Our customer is a leading provider of innovative irrigation products and services. They leverage mobile, network & other emerging technologies to design and develop next-generation environmental friendly & sustainable irrigation solutions. The requirement is to develop a Mobile App that provides detailed insights into precisely how much water is needed to keep one’s lawn, garden or property healthy. The App analyses customers’ landscape using information about vegetation type, geolocation, irrigation mechanisms, sunshine characteristics, & more.


Prediction don’t have to be intuitive.
Availability of data makes them precise.


Our solution performs complex analytics to provide insights on water usage and identifies saving opportunities. The advanced analytics engine utilizes hundreds of external data feeds such as plant data, soil data, solar irradiation data, wind, rainfall and humidity data, and pretty much all other weather and environmental data. The information analyzed is presented visually with satellite-based imagery. In addition, the App comes with full integration capability with other IoT platform & devices. The water savings are projected at US state-level over multiple time span (day, week, month or year).


While the data matters.
It’s visualization is paramount.

The App leverages satellite images overlayed with interactive graphics & creative animation to provide the ultimate mobile user experience. The users can easily map the landscape preferences, add details such as sprinkler types & degree of shade, see the difference in water consumption based on vegetation type.

We also developed adaptive data visualization technique which automatically enhances the look & feel of data charts through creative positioning of data based on availability of space.

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