Social Shopping App



RoleProduct Concept, User Experience, Usability Testing

TechnologyHTML 5

Buy products you’ll love.
Recommended by your friends and influencers.

Our customer is a social shopping app who deliver unique shopping experience coupled with gamified social recommendations. The requirement was to build easy to use social app that user can share with his groups on social media.


Make online shopping a more social experience.
Powered by dynamic and rich user interface.


We envisioned an app that serves essentially as a list making app, made for a particular retailer or a one-stop app for all retailers. An intuitive and dynamic user interface simplified navigation across different touch points. Easier product search reduced shopping time which is a key product differentiation.


Among the top 50 apps on Google Play.
That led to a M&A transaction with a retail giant.

A retail app that lets you share & tag your shopping experiences with people in your social circle. This influences purchase decisions made by your friends and helps in word of mouth marketing.

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