Mobile dating app

Case study

The technology to find a perfect date

Our client is a leading US based organization, specializing in online dating, social networking, and business communication services, connecting millions of users across the globe. In their line of business, having media rich apps in iOS and android platforms is a basic necessity.


There was a need for sophisticated mobile apps that runs on iOS and Android phones with uniform interface and shared code. The target users of this app are elderly people, who are on the lookout for matching profiles, based on several criteria. Therefore, the app should have swipeable profile cards and photo albums that loads fast, have uniform interfaces, with the same look and feel in both platforms.


  • Cross-platform issues
    Building native apps for both platforms separately increases costs in terms of resources (Code reusability and new feature addition) and time.
  • Animation and user interaction limitations
    The proposed dating app is expected to have heavy media content and user interactions. When we started development, there were very few open-source/third-party libraries that supported consistent screen transitions and animations required in our app. Even the react-native platform and community were too nascent.
  • Complexity in building questionnaire
    Questionnaire is one of the important steps in the onboarding process. It takes up almost 80% of the application screens that targets to onboard the user. There were major challenges in navigating the questionnaire, as it had dynamic questions, where the answer needed to be synced with the backend, without blocking the user from moving forward in the on-boarding process.

Tech stack


To address these challenges, Imaginea designed and developed a hybrid application, which is a unique matching tool. This tool brings people together based on similar activities, passions and future goals. It also adds its own personal touch to the online dating process, making sure the dating experience remains unique to each person.

Imaginea designed and developed the entire application using react native framework for iOS & Android mobiles and contributed in visual designing as well.

Our developers created custom animations and user interaction, using react-native’s animation library. With this, we were able to achieve near native 60 FPS performance for swipeable card animations and custom screen transition animations.

We used the react-navigation library for all navigations in the app. Default features of this library do not support navigating backwards and skipping screens. To address this requirement, we created a custom wrapper around the react-navigation stack navigator and implemented it as a separate component. In addition, we used ‘async-await’ function and JavaScript Promise to sync user response with the backend in the background, without blocking the user from answering the next question.

How our solution helped

We delivered the app ahead of the targeted timeline, thereby having a good lead time in the market.

Overall approach

We used a single code base that allows new feature addition to both platform applications, in the future. Web developers can employ this approach, as minimal Android and iOS platform knowledge is sufficient. Some of the highlights of this project are:

  • Album organiser
    Tweaked the default behaviour of react-native’s scroll view and implemented a custom grid view. This enables the user to drag and drop to reorder the photos in the grid.
  • Photo Cropper
    Our PhotoCropper widget uses the react-native Pan gesture handler for editing profile pictures.
  • Chat
    Unique chat interface includes offline syncing, data caching, read receipt, ‘typing’ notification, and so on.


  • We developed this app with 3 developers in 3 months.
  • The production cost and time is cut in half compared to native application development.
  • Received 4+ star rating and customer appreciation for both the iOS and Android marketplaces.

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