Voice Based Query App

IndustryTechnology Product

Year2017 – Ongoing

RoleArtificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Digital Assistants

TechnologyJava, Apache Spark, AWS Lambda, Android, iOS

Find what you’re looking for.
Before you ever search for it.

The requirement of our client, who makes voice-based search platforms, was to collect raw voice samples and stream to search from the back end and show results. They also wanted to build a voice-based query app to enquire about equipment.


Organize emails and information.
Without ever looking at your filesystem.


We enabled voice and act recording on ‘pause-to-stream’ to serve to-do NLP and perform search operations. A quick vertical scroll selection could select the model of machines and enable the corresponding search result for voice command in natural language. We used the user voice recording to improve the speech deduction engine.


Share entire network of resources.
Instantly and automatically.

Users could use the voice-based app to search on machine catalog. Features like visual guide–that is useful when users are busy fixing machines—and search refinement were useful inclusions.

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