Voice Search Query

IndustryTechnology Product

Year2017 – Ongoing

RoleArtificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Digital Assistants

TechnologyJava, Apache Spark, AWS Lambda, Android, iOS

Control your phone with voice commands.
Regardless of voice assistant, you prefer.

Our client, a voice AI platform maker, needed a voice-to-action platform for mobile apps that would have a no-registration process for end-users. They also required that developers don’t need any code to enable actions for their app.


Reduce the need for touch controls.
To access information in a jiffy.


We facilitated UI events recording that constitutes an action on mobile apps. These actions were integrated with voice commands in natural language. We also introduced AI enablement for natural commands. This way, users could create instant mobile actions for apps on the go and integrate them with Google Home, Amazon Alexa etc.


Connect voice commands with IoT devices.
We make voice controls more seamless.

Partners could create actions at scale to be the fastest to market.

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