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Wrap-n-Replace strategy is making modernization simpler, faster

Enterprises are embracing the think small approach. They prefer a suite of well orchestrated small services than a monolithic application with complex dependencies. With app load and scalability levels dynamic than ever before, the ability to independently update any service is mandatory to keep your business agility, alive. Imaginea’s API Enablement provides the right engineering support your business needs – not just design and development, but adoption too.

Done by IT58%
Done by non IT42%

Rise of non IT development

2015 ($72 billion)20%
2019 ($284 billion)80%

Enterprise mobility market

Got a business agility problem?

451 research, 2015

API driven innovation

After witnessing the success of API-based development and its growth in social media and the consumer space, enterprises are now keen on replicating the same success in their businesses.

The new API architecture is transforming the way enterprises work. APIs are not just an aid to achieve business goals; they are also at the core of business strategy. They are opening up new business channels and speeding up change in partner businesses. Enterprises are compelled to create new applications that appeal to different markets and customer segments. But they also have to ensure that these applications are accessible to a variety of user-agents.

Cloud applications that provide visual representation of information need a standard way to circle back data and functions that reside in internal systems. Achieving all this is much easier and quicker with APIs.

APIs are a current trend, but they’ve always existed. Today’s web API architecture provides loose coupling and extensive reuse which speeds up development. But it also has its drawbacks: enterprises do not need APIs that are isolated and not in line with their business needs. What they do need is a holistic approach to include APIs in their business strategies and more importantly, to make APIs their business.

Building Good APIs

Badly designed APIs are messy and can prove to be more expensive than they are worth. Good APIs on the other hand, are marked by key design features that are implemented through a strong API architecture and design. With a good understanding of enterprise API strategies, best practices and sufficient integration expertise, your business can create robust API designs too.

Imaginea API-design-process

Imaginea Advantage

We are not management consultants or a pure strategic advisory that leaves you with the difficult decisions around implementation. We understand business problems and have the full expertise in crafting the technologies required for their solution. Our experience stems from working with global customers and also from other companies incubated within Pramati (like SocialTwist and Qontext) that serve Global 500 class customers today.

Engineering critical for APIs

If APIs are all about interfaces and integration, do they require engineering? Absolutely! Only good engineering can ensure great developer experience. And APIs are all about Developer Experience (DX). Enterprise architects evaluate and choose a perfect implementation technology stack. Engineering teams well versed with enterprise infrastructure follow-up to optimize and implement API, and automate tests to validate and verify the APIs.

Imaginea API-lifecycle

Do APIs need management?

Some level of management is required to avoid confusion and chaos. These management needs are largely driven by the relevance of the APIs to the business core and the existing IT landscape. For instance, new APIs may require authentication and authorization logic for security, but this might already exist in the enterprise IAM. So in this case, there is an obvious need for integration with the enterprise IAM.

Another set of APIs may need access limitation policies. While this can be managed from an API publishing application, it is better to solve the problem in a more standard way to avoid other concerns.

Imaginea is partnering with best-of-breed API products in the market so its customers can realize the full potential of new architectures.

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