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On average, each of your employees uses 35 mobile apps and 2 devices, making enterprise MBaaS the obvious choice for your Cloud. As enterprises sharpen their target with apps and employees pile up devices, the Cloud game is already the new normal. Imaginea provides the cloud services your business needs – from planning, architecting and securing, to building, operating and launching.

Application delivery pipeline

Build and release management

CI/CD implementation

Ansible, Puppet and Chef automation

Site reliability engineering

24X7 operational and ticketing support

Infrastructure monitoring

End to end site troubleshooting and maintenace

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure design and implementation

Infrastructure provisioning

Infrastructure administration and maintenance

Cloud enablement services

Cloud migration strategy and implementation

Containerisation of applications

Custom cloud tool development and implementation

Niche AWS capabilities including Lambda and Device Farm.

Handled workloads of over a million users for a RAD platform

Explore the power of opensource to transform your cloud

Design your hybrid cloud environment on MS Azure
Our approach

Pre Assessment

  • Understand existing set up and business need
  • Understand Cloud usage
  • Understand Cloud objectives

Proof of concept

  • Design of architecture
  • Proposed configuration and requirements
  • PoC presentation

Build and Scale

  • Current infrastructure analysis & build preparation
  • Analyse and scope infrastructure
  • Set-up and migrate 

Optimise and Maintain

  • Analyse infra usage
  • Identify optimisation points
  • Suggest (or) develop monitoring tools
Speaking of… ‘handling numbers’

We have the right experience and credentials to assist you in your cloud journey. Our cloud engineers don’t treat it as mere infrastructure, but a way to better deliver software value to your customers.These numbers – representing Imaginea’s work under management, will speak for themselves.

Simultaneous users

Mypicks Beijing 2008 

A Facebook Social Application utilizing EC2 and S3 supporting upto 300,000 simultaneous users

Requests per day

Leading Advertising Platform

A Wrapper solution around AWS autoscaling that handles ~2.5 Mn requests a day

Docker containers

WaveMaker RAD platform

Uses 7000 containers, upgraded every 2 weeks. One-click application deployment pipeline

Home-grown cloud tools

Generic cloud tools hardly create a difference to the way your cloud strategy is handled. Imaginea adopts a portfolio of home-grown tools and customizes them to create the edge your cloud strategy needs.We pride ourselves on our technical depth and our roots in product development.


Cloud creation tool that supports a multi cloud strategy. Easy instance management across multiple cloud environments.



Migrate applications with typical stacks to the cloud. Comprehensive migration strategy for 50 well known solutions.



Data consistency across regions using automated backups. Cross region availability and simplified access to backups.



One stop view of infrastructure health. Read only dashboard and Python based framework for automated system monitoring.



Easier way to define security and naming rules on cloud (private/AWS). Custom rules and web terminal based support.



Simple way to manage and run Puppet/Ansible scripts. Support for publishing, scheduling and audit trail of workflows.

Open source expertise

We love OpenStack. With multiple contributors to over 10 modules, we don’t just leverage the OpenStack community; rather, we are a part of it. Interested in Nova, Swift, Cinder, Neutron, Horizon, Keystone, Glance, Celiometer or Heat? Push your cloud transformation with any facet of OpenStack.

Other contributions

Ported to OpenStack

Contributed over 20 patches

Ecosystem work

Top 20 committers

Upgrade to UI automator 2.0

Animation libraries

Some of our work

Cloud and microservices : Streamlining healthcare delivery

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DevOps : To predict better and achieve optimised operations

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Private cloud: To secure and manage opensource ecosystem

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Cloud SaaS : For intelligent purchases and smart decision making

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Reducing provisioning time with automation

A multinational networking and telecommunications enterprise wanted to implement network as a service using OpenStack across 1000 of their global sites. OpenStack was key to their operational flexibility and low Capex. Automation reduced provisioning time from weeks to few days..

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Our technology pulse

Container Native Applications

Apurba Nath, VP Engineering

Containers are a game changer in software development, the advantages are very well documented in multiple places. Creating an application to leverage these advantages though needs some special attention…

SDN and NFV: A snapshot

Kiran Murari, Architect

We keep hearing about SDN and NFV in various debates. Are they related? How would they compare to standard networking? How do they differ from one another? While researchers and datacenter people created SDN, carrier providers created NFV. A combination of both can be a good solution…

Cutting Edge OpenStack – Adding Container Support to IaaS

Vikas choudhary, Sr Software Engineer

Docker is hot. OpenStack is also evolving rapidly. OpenStack is at data centre level management layer while Docker operates at node(virtual or bare-metal machine) level. They can be complementary to each other to provide an excellent solution…

How Modern is my Legacy Crow? Or how Legacy is my Modern Crow?

RamaKrishna Nimmagadda, Director – Technology

As Technology landscape is changing quite drastically and more frequently, it’s significant to identify the right question, how modern is my legacy app? Or how legacy is my modern app? As one thinks about it a new thought process gets created at the back of one’s mind…

Extended services ecosystem

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