Enterprise Mobility

Mobile experience is intertwined with Cloud and API ecosystems. Scale-up and out with Imaginea’s assisted mobility build.

Want your customers and employees to be able to do business anywhere, anytime? Wondering how to make it happen? We learned how to answer the nagging problems of mobile implementations, like these:

Engineering Dilemma

Program Definition

Our customers are asking for mobile access to our legacy systems. How should we go about it? What should be the right user experience and interface design to drive use?

Solution Design

How do I architect this application? What are the key pieces on the handset, data center or cloud? We are designing a high-use app. How will we handle data synchronization with our back-end systems to optimize performance?

Mobile Platforms & Ecosystems

Do you have experience working with the App Store, Android Market and other app distributions? We use a mobile development platform (Titanium) today. Can you work within this platform and help us develop cross-platform apps?

User Experience

How can I port a big screen application to a small screen form-factor, yet maintain usability? How do we take advantage of mobile-specific gestures and use paradigms to improve the user experience?

Imaginea Expertise

Areas of Mobile Expertise

Appium, Cordova, Appcellerator/Titanium, HTML 5.0, Android and iOS Native, React.js Native PhoneGap, QuickConnect, JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch

Integration Technologies

TIBCO, Oracle SOA, Open ESB, Mule

Application Frameworks

Spring, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Struts, Wavemaker, Java EE 6 Web (Servlet 3/JAX-RS), Node.js


MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis

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