Future of work is ruled by connected technologies
& connected intelligence, which will be embedded into
every system & device you use. It is changing
the way you work, communicate & collaborate.



June 22, Thursday, 10:00 AM PST

In this webinar, we will throw light on Inference Framework©, a concept we’ve built to help bots learn from various situations and surroundings. We will also explore how businesses could generate intelligent bots, nurture them, and integrate them with social media apps like Skype, FB Messenger, Slack etc.

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Microsoft’s prowess in new tech such as Cloud, Machine Learning and Chatbot is paving the way to build connected systems that will transform the way people work.

Imagine a Chatbot helping you with information while conducting a research, or a system that responds to customer mail based on voice commands, or an intelligent chair that alerts you when your posture is unhealthy.

With over 100 Microsoft certified professionals, we combine the best of Microsoft technology with our innovative engineering capabilities to build user-centric products. This ensures a constant delivery high-performance potential for businesses of various proportions.


A digital personal assistant for efficient working

Chatbots are on the rise to become a personal digital assistant to everybody – they manage business appointments, send out mails, and even predict & forecast business outcomes. At Imaginea, we incubate & connect intelligent bots that are responsive to users.

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High performance computing for ‘on-the-go’ business

Microsoft Azure provides an integrated technological ecosystem that can support diverse operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, database & devices. Imaginea has been at the helm in adopting & tailoring Azure services to businesses. We possess high capability in areas such as Azure Machine Learning, Hybrid Cloud, High Performance Computing, Blockchain & more.

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Predict the future with Azure Machine Learning

At Imaginea, we help companies leverage Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services & BI Analytics to build advanced predictive models that understands data, learns from it & predicts the future. We have, to our credit, built a self-service BI solution for a Global Insurance Broker and helped them achieve competitive differentiation.

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Why Microsoft with Imaginea?

Aiming at higher enterprise competencies, we strategically partner with clients across industries & verticals. With over a 100 Microsoft certified professionals in our team, we build business solutions that integrate & cut across Microsoft’s various enterprise platforms.

Large-scale & complex implementation capability

With over 300,000 man hours of experience & 75+ successful project implementations, we combine the best of Microsoft solutions with our innovative product engineering capabilities to deliver tailored business solutions.

Early adopters of disruptive technologies

We are among the early adopters who explore promising new technologies. For instance, we have explored Chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework, Docker with Azure, Live Streaming Analytics, Azure Service Fabric & Hybrid Cloud scenarios.
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Azure Cool Blob Storage

Lakshminarayana Erukulla, Senior Development Engineer

Data is growing exponentially in today’s world. So the only way managing the cost for your storage is tiering your data based on how often the data is accessed.This is where Azure Blob Storage comes into the picture…

Xamarin How to-Wifi Info

Karthik Narahari, Senior Development Engineer

Without an access system in place, the only other device almost everyone carries is a mobile phone. So given a situation if the whole enterprise is Wi-Fi enabled and when people are more inclined to connect to it we can make use of different Wi-Fi access points located in the enterprise, and track each person based on the access point he is connected…

Archiving SharePoint Office365 Docs to Azure

Sujatha Kandimalla, Senior Development Engineer

SharePoint online is cloud based solution to reduce the dependency on the internal resources. SharePoint office 365 provides the many features of SharePoint without managing the infrastructure on your own…Moving the documents from SharePoint office 365 to Azure cool storage is not a straight forward mechanism…

How to integrate SPD Workflows using DevPnP?

Veera Venkata Siva Kishore Jaladi, Principal Engineer

Dev PnP is a joint development program for some of Microsoft Enterprise customers for helping them to move from farm solutions to add-in Model. Real life experiences and work done with the customers has been really the fundamental source for many of the approaches introduced for broader community using Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP). PnP Provisioning framework is a template based platform for provisioning site collections…

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