Imaginea launches a digital framework to battle COVID-19 at the workplace
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Imaginea launches a digital framework to battle COVID-19 at the workplace

Mountain View, CA, May 07, 2020
Imaginea Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley-based technology company, today announced a digital framework that offers COVID-19 Employee Protection and Enterprise Risk Mitigation. The intention is to assist organizations take data-driven decisions about key issues like bringing employees back to the workplace, assessing risk, identifying business critical resources, preparedness of facilities, preventing future breakouts, post-transition norms, and regulatory compliance.

Imaginea’s digital framework allows organizations to aggregate vital employee data from customizable surveys, internal employee databases, access-control systems, mobile phones and other enterprise systems. This is then overlaid with data pulled from public sources on disease vectors like hotspots, advisories and guidelines using a proprietary data model. This information is used to determine employee risk, automate contact-tracing within the workplace, and most importantly, provide a single view of the organization’s COVID-19 risk exposure by way of an enterprise dashboard with analytical tools.

“The world around us has seen a tectonic shift and there is a new normal. To be successful in this new era, it is not about the survival of the fittest, but survival of the quickest. We enable businesses to act fast.” says Suresh Babu, Chief Revenue Officer of Imaginea. “Our framework allows the flexibility to pivot quickly based on constantly evolving research and guidance from public health agencies about the pandemic. This is designed to be staged securely within your infrastructure to ensure privacy and data protection.”

The Imaginea digital framework for COVID-19 is an efficient solution to help companies stay ahead of the curve. To assist leaders fight this global menace, the framework has been specifically designed for a super-fast highly customizable rollout. It is also being offered free of cost to non-profit organizations helping aid the COVID-19 relief efforts and to selective organizations who are willing to co-develop with Imaginea.

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