Principal Engineer

Published on April 9, 2019

Principal Engineer

Job ID: 9G7RSR
Position: Principal Engineer
Location: Mountain View, CA

Job Description: Architect, design and develop JAVA based web applications for Amazon AWS cloud. Design application for handling high volume data – transform high volume data at speed and support high volume transactions. Build the application with high security applying industry standards for data security. Engineer and build web application using Java/J2EE technologies. Build secure RESTful HTTP APIs that can be consumed by various systems for data integrations. Write scripts on Salesforce platforms for data extraction from Salesforce and build custom features. Build data transformation components to transfer and transform data from one platform to another using ETL tools. Build scalable applications for high performance by utilizing caching, load balancing and other techniques. Create UML diagrams to capture application data flow, design and use cases using UML sequence diagrams, class diagrams, and activity diagrams. Work closely with product management to define business requirements and document them. Collaborate with other members of the development team, technical manager to analyze business requirements and come up with software architecture to build the requested application features. Work with customer to provide advanced technical support and quickly resolve problems reported by end users on live applications. Debug multi-server, multi-tier production systems, execute SQL queries, shell commands to locate issues. Provide first line support and debug production Ruby applications. Must be able to travel to various unanticipated locations throughout the United States.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science or related field followed by eight (8) years of progressive experience in the job offered or a related position.

SKILLS: Experience and/or education must include:

  1.  Amazon AWS cloud computing;
  2.  Secure enterprise JAVA/J2EE application development;
  3.  Performance engineering: Database clustering, indexing, sharding, application caching, performance tuning of SQL queries and Java code; and
  4.  Computer science fundamentals: data structures and algorithms.

To apply, mail resume to: Imaginea Technologies, Inc., Attn: Dania Marthens, 1975 West El Camino Real, Suite 301, Mountain View, CA 94040, with reference to Job ID: 9G7RSR.