Business Sensitive and Intelligent Chatbots

Business Sensitive and Intelligent Chatbots

The world of bots is booming. Most verticals have their own bots–you have healthcare bots, insurance bots, personal banker bots… name it and there is a bot for it. However, most bots today are very limited in the way they operate. They are guided by a standard questions manual and are good in providing precise answers to those questions. With AI, they can only go enough to associate differently worded questions with the same intent and respond accordingly. Look at Siri for example, a personal assistant which can recognize only 489 commands. To converse with a human, that’s hardly any vocabulary stock. Simply put, bots today are not very different from the command line interfaces the world has known forever now. They can respond only to a specific set of commands.

Yet the digital world is in a transition from apps to bots. People are deserting apps majorly because apps are becoming too wide and varied, which is leading to the explosion of app stores and, in turn, to app fatigue. According to a survey, 50% of U.S. mobile users haven’t downloaded an app in the last year. With an upswing in bots that are wide and varied, can the same be predicted about bots? Will there be bot fatigue in the future? Or can there be one bot for everything?

Are bots going the app way?

A closer look at app fatigue paints a clearer picture. Although 50% of users didn’t download an app last year, they spend 88% of their time around five apps. At least two of these are conversation platforms. Kik, WeChat, Line, Facebook, and Slack collectively account for 3.5 billion users. This is almost a billion more than the collective user base of the big four social networks. Consumers are picking conversations over apps owing to a very similar UI that the latter sport. It doesn’t require learning and adjusting to a new UI every single time.

These conversation apps are also your virtual workplace today. For example, WeChat allows users in China to make transactions, transfer files, make video calls and so on. Bots are bringing apps into conversations, and conversations are at the heart of any mobile interaction in the future. Hence bot fatigue might be a far-fetched idea.