Healthcare interoperability



Technology at the crossroads of healthcare data:
A payer’s perspective

In a world where a continuous inflow of healthcare data and a surfeit of connected systems are a lethal combination, the potential of health IT is at an all-time high. And driving health IT towards a new digital health revolution is healthcare interoperability. It is defined as the ability of various disparate information systems to effectively exchange medical data between key stakeholders of the healthcare community. Healthcare interoperability has reached a mature stage. It is today recognized as one of the prime factors of seamless medical information exchange and superior patient outcomes.

The benefits of healthcare interoperability range from improved quality of care and more effective clinical trials to reduced costs and better public health. While the rewards cut through patients, pharmaceuticals, providers and more, one party which is yet to unravel the full potential of interoperability is the payers (insurance companies).

While evangelizing the hidden value of interoperability and its benefits for payers, this whitepaper presents a glimpse of the fundamentals of healthcare interoperability, its various challenges that act as an adoption roadblock and ultimately how to overcome them. Download this whitepaper to unlock the value of interoperability and gain an edge over competitors in the market.

Key takeaways

Realize healthcare
data value

Find out how to derive best value out of patient EHRs and why it is so crucial to implement seamless data exchange through interoperable systems.

Unlock treasure-trove
of benefits

Learn how proper interoperability can reduce patient claims, eliminate fraud and improve customer retention for payers.

Negotiate adoption

Understand the various roadblocks to successful interoperability and discover ways to overcome them.

What’s inside

  • A ready reckoner for payers about the basics of healthcare interoperability
  • Best practices for payers to overcome challenges of effective interoperability
  • Impactful success stories about how interoperability helped payers realize their goals
  • Ideas, insights and information for payers to gain a competitive edge in the market

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