Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

While the IT leaders aspire to innovate fast and evolve with the market to stay ahead in the technology curve – data shows that 70% of large enterprise IT operations run on legacy systems that tend to stagnate business progression. Given this scenario, modernizing legacy applications is a strategic business imperative today. However, the path to get there is challenging with business continuity risks, high cost of transition, shortage of experts in niche legacy skills, etc.

In traditional approach, modernization requires building applications and components from the scratch – adopting latest technology stack, migrating to cloud, transitioning to micro services architecture and more. While this method is popular, it’s cumbersome and expensive. In this webinar, we discuss a more radical method that involves leveraging modernization platforms with reusable components and interfaces that allow you to continuously modernize your applications at a significantly lower cost.

Platform based modernization provides a quick face lift to the applications, takes them to new efficiencies and drives a systemic change in architecture and delivery.

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